About us

Welcome to borkedstudios...

the creative brainchild of Christopher Jensen, established in 2013. What began as a spark of passion in photography, has transformed into a dynamic hub of innovation and creativity.

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Christopher, the founder of borkedstudios, embarked on this venture to channel his fervor for photography. His journey began with capturing the essence of life through his lens, from mesmerizing wedding moments to vibrant event photography, and even the intricate details of product photography.
However, Christopher's talents didn't stop there. With a keen eye for aesthetics, he dived into the world of graphic design, using Borked Studios as a platform to showcase his flair. His natural aptitude for programming led him to build websites and craft marketing strategies, not just for friends but professionally as well. This skillset organically evolved into a successful career in software development, where he now thrives as a consultant for multiple clients.
Today, borkedstudios stands as a testament to Christopher's ever-growing passion. It's a melting pot of projects driven by sheer enthusiasm, ranging from video game creation and small mobile applications to ambitious dreams of developing revolutionary applications for a global audience.

We believe in the power of passion and the magic of dreaming big. Every project we undertake is a step towards realizing those dreams.