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Christopher Jensen

Photographer ❖ Graphic Designer ❖ Musician ❖ Skateboarder ❖ Bearded ❖ Jiu-Jitsu Student ❖ PokeMaster

Christopher Jensen Profile Picture

Christopher Jensen


My name is Christopher and I am Borked Studios.

I am a photographer of 16+ years and started with a $20 Olympus OM-1 that I bought from my high school ceramics teacher. I've had the itch ever since. Before photography, I was always into traditional art forms like drawing, painting, and sculpture. These hobbies led me into the career field of graphic design. I have been a graphic designer for eight years, three of which within a professional setting.

I decided to make the move to freelance 4 years ago when I was tired of being tied to a desk for 8 hour increments and not accomplishing anything creative.

I currently work in marketing for a local car dealership where I create commercials, newspaper ads, staff photography, social media content, and everything digital inbetween.

I cannot wait to hear from you and look forward to working with you on your next photography or portfolio design needs!

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